Here’s a Question that Pains me… Is Evernote Dying?

It really pains me to say this but I am worried about the longevity of Evernote, a tool that I have been using for many, many years. So long in fact that I now have well over 30,000 notes stored in it.

Evernote co-founder Phil Libin always said that his aim was to create a “100-year startup” meaning that it’s “a company that’s around in 100 years, which means Evernote’s product needs to be durable.” Right now I cannot see them achieving that aim. Of course that aim could have been ditched when Libin left in 2016.

Why have … Read the rest

Simple Bug Tracking with Evernote

I have been starting on a side project with my son this week where I am developing a small web app for him. He has left home a while ago so we needed to find a way to collaborate on the project without too much effort and without interfering with our day jobs. So, for example, we went through the requirements while travelling on a train up to London.

When it comes to testing and bug tracking we again needed something quick and simple. In the past I have used both The Bug Genie for work and Trello for smaller … Read the rest

Opening Links in Evernote Client rather than Web

Despite all it’s foibles Evernote remains one of my most used apps and being able to link to it from elsewhere, such the task app I use, adds enormous benefit.

At one point you used to be able to generate links that when clicked would open up in the desktop app, these started evernote://. At some point these were lost and the link generator in the client only returned http:// links meaning that the request opened in the web site app. Problem with this is that it is slower and I usually have to authenticate again to get access.

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Why I can’t get my Head Around Evernote’s Work Chat Feature

In the last major release of Evernote a new feature called Work Chat was introduced. It is described by Evernote as allowing you to “discuss your work in Evernote, in real time, with the people who help you get it done.”. So it is sort of like an inbuilt chat facility and as that it works as described.

The problem is that what is the most natural thing to want to do while chatting over a note? For me it is to update it with the other party and for both to see the updates but when you do that … Read the rest

3 Things Evernote is Missing

20140130-082701.jpgI an a keen and active user of Evernote paying for the service not just to gain access to the “pro” features but also because I want to repay Evernote for the use I derive from it.

That’s not to say that it is perfect though so here are three things that I would add to it from the normal to the whacky.

Better table support

Evernote has support for tables but it is pretty basic. Once created you cannot add new columns, change the width, add new rows anywhere but at the bottom and you cannot apply any styling … Read the rest

Textever Pro – a Quick and Beautiful Editor for Evernote on iOS

IMG_0668Evernote is great but on iOS it is just too slow to start up when you want to add a quick text note which is a real disincentive to using it on the go. To get round this I have been using Squarespace Note on my iPhone as this is quick to start and has Evernote integration. This has worked well but I have lost notes a few time when I have been offline, which was frustrating.

Enter Textever Pro a well designed iOS app that was built specifically for this use case: getting text notes quickly into Evernote. One … Read the rest

Want an Outliner with Evernote Support? Today’s your Day!

outline-editor-iphoneIf, like me, you want to use an outliner that is available across multiple platforms and syncs with Evernote then Xwavesoft’s Cloud Outliner could be for you. Especially as for today only it is available for free on iOS.

Available on Mac, iPhone and iPad the apps allow you to create structured lists which are synchronised between the devices and Evernote too if you wish.

Note that synchronisation is only available in the paid version of the apps and not the free “lite” version.

If this sounds like your sort of thing download the iOS version today as it … Read the rest

Authorising 3rd Party Apps with Passcode Lock on in Evernote

20131010-160152.jpgOn iOS Evernote provides a useful facility to be able to protect your notes by adding a four digit passcode lock that you have to enter before you can see them. You can also choose how long before the code is asked for on subsequent opens, such as immediately, after one minute etc.

Once enabled this means that you will be initially be asked for your four digit code on opening and then on subsequent opens after the time out period has expired unless you have chosen “immediate” as your option in which case you will always be asked for … Read the rest

Quickly Get to Top of All Notes in Evernote

Go to Top of Evernote All NotesOne thing that has bugged me for a while in Evernote is that there didn’t seem to be a quick way to return to the top of the All Notes list.

If you have several thousand notes and you are a long way down, perhaps because of a search, I found myself having to do some little finger dance to get back to the top.

Yesterday, quite by accident I found that if you click in the grey space either side of the “All Notes” title you magically get taken back to the top of the list.

A real time … Read the rest

If This, Then That

Sometimes the Internet throws up a really simple but great idea that makes life much easier. If this, then that or ifttt to be more accurate, is one such idea.

ifttt allows you to create tasks where an action is carried out on some event. So, for example, when an email is received from a certain email address a copy is then forwarded automatically to another account, or when the Guardian tweets that the latest Long Good Read is available the text is sent to Instapaper. These are two examples but given the long list of services that ifttt … Read the rest