Why I can’t get my Head Around Evernote’s Work Chat Feature

In the last major release of Evernote a new feature called Work Chat was introduced. It is described by Evernote as allowing you to “discuss your work in Evernote, in real time, with the people who help you get it done.”. So it is sort of like an inbuilt chat facility and as that it works as described.

The problem is that what is the most natural thing to want to do while chatting over a note? For me it is to update it with the other party and for both to see the updates but when you do that you get the following and an unholy mess to have to unpick.


Playing with Work Chat yesterday leads me to conclude that, as it stands, this feature is no better than, say, using Skype and passing Word documents around via email and much better would to use a Google Doc or a third party service such as Live Minutes.

I know that the syncing was changed in the last version of Evernote so I can only hope that live and true collaborative editing of documents is something that is achievable and coming soon.

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