Textever Pro – a Quick and Beautiful Editor for Evernote on iOS

IMG_0668Evernote is great but on iOS it is just too slow to start up when you want to add a quick text note which is a real disincentive to using it on the go. To get round this I have been using Squarespace Note on my iPhone as this is quick to start and has Evernote integration. This has worked well but I have lost notes a few time when I have been offline, which was frustrating.

Enter Textever Pro a well designed iOS app that was built specifically for this use case: getting text notes quickly into Evernote. One of the major advantages of Textever Pro as opposed to general note taking apps with Evernote integration, Drafts for example, is that it has been designed with Evernote in mind, right down to the choice of colours and icon you can be left in no doubt what this app is for. While this might make it limiting for some if you are a regular Evernote user the ability to select tags and notebooks is a fantastic timesaver as you don’t need to remember to triage the note at a later date.

Other neat touches include the ability to be able to choose the font size and paper used for the note, although these aren’t reflected when the note is synced with Evernote. This is fine for me as it means the note I am creating is legible on the small screen of my iPhone and the lined paper option I have chosen acts as a guide. You can see an example of this in the image above taken on an iPad.

All in all Textever Pro is a fantastic little app and a huge timesaver and well worth the £1.99 asking price.