Opening Links in Evernote Client rather than Web

Despite all it’s foibles Evernote remains one of my most used apps and being able to link to it from elsewhere, such the task app I use, adds enormous benefit.

At one point you used to be able to generate links that when clicked would open up in the desktop app, these started evernote://. At some point these were lost and the link generator in the client only returned http:// links meaning that the request opened in the web site app. Problem with this is that it is slower and I usually have to authenticate again to get access.

I discovered last week that it is still possible to generate the old style links – what Evernote calls a “Classic Note Link” and I call a “Useful Note Link”. To get this link right click on the note in the note list and then hold down the Alt/Option button and you will see the label change from “Copy Note Link” to “Copy Classic Note Link”. Select and bingo you have an old style evernote:// link which opens in the desktop app.

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