Microsoft Accelerator – Week Twelve

IMG_7689So this is the last (proper) week of the accelerator and we have had to move out of our temporary home in Central Working, Shoreditch.

I have mixed feelings about going because on the one hand I have enjoyed being up in London and around others for a change, rather than the solitude of home working. However, on the other hand I won’t miss the early starts and getting to the station only to find that my train has been delayed.

The big thing this week was getting to practice the pitch at the venue we will be at for real next Friday – 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf. Unfortunately the actual room that we will be in next week wasn’t available so we had to be content with peering through the window to see the space. The consolation was that the views out across Canary Wharf were fantastic, as you can see below.

We were in a space call Level 39, named because it takes up the whole of the 39th floor of 1 Canada Square. A very trendy place to work if you can afford it but the facilities are, as you would expect, top notch. This includes the iPad operated coffee machine which allows you to not only select the drink of your choice but also options such as the number of grammes of coffee and how much chocolate sprinkles you would like. Not being a coffee drinker I cannot say how good the coffee was but I cannot imagine that even the addition of an iPad can replace the abilities of a proper barista.

So all that remains now is the demo day itself. Check back in a week to see how it went!

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