Adverts used to Publicise AdPlus Service

IMG_7739Really interesting advert in today’s Metro newspaper for the AdPlus service encouraging you to download their browser plugin that “optimises your web browsing so you see better, fewer ads.”.

There are a few things that are interesting about this service. Firstly it is highly ironic that they have to resort to advertising to promote a service designed to reduce the number of adverts. Secondly, unlike, say, AdBlock Plus, this service does not claim to get rid of all web-based adverts but shows you “only relevant, high-quality ads from advertisers who want a healthier relationship with you.”. Hummm.

My original question was how do they monitise the service but looking at the refreshingly clear terms and conditions the answer is there “By using AdPlus you’re agreeing to AdPlus serving you ads that are different from the ads you would normally see on certain websites.” And when you click on those they will, no doubt, get a kick back.

So “fewer ads” but not “no ads” so therefore I will be sticking to AdBlock Plus.

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