Microsoft Accelerator – Week Eleven

IMG_7081So we are rapidly reaching the end of the accelerator programme and most of what we are doing now is geared towards the demo day in a coupe of weeks time. We have had more sessions with the Pitch Doctor and it is really taking shape now and beginning to flow. You can pack quite a lot into five minutes it seems.

What has been really great is not only seeing how much our pitch has improved over the weeks but also those of our cohort. There has clearly been a great leap forward from everybody.

As I said at the outset I’m not a gamer but can really appreciate what goes into their work. Being alongside a couple of gaming companies it has been interesting to see them at work. Clearly their way of working is very different to us working on B2B and that in itself has been educational. What has been particularly impressive is just how quickly they have gone from a concept to playable demo in a few short weeks. We really need to up our game and start delivering more often too.

Elsewhere we have been back to Microsoft UK HQ in Reading for a meeting with the sales side of the business. Microsoft has five buildings in Reading at TVP and during the accelerator I have visited three of them so I am hoping to complete the set before the twelve weeks are up!

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