Useful Excel for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Like so many others I am a regular Excel user but having grown up on Windows finding equivalent keyboard shortcuts for the Mac can sometimes be a pain. Specifically how to manipulate cells. So presented here as an aide memoir for me and hopefully it will prove useful to others: Ctrl + u – edit […]

Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard

Now that screens are getting bigger on mobiles it is becoming increasingly more practical to do work on them, especially now that Microsoft Office is available on most mobile devices. The biggest issue I have though is typing on the screen. While it is fine for short emails and text messages it isn’t really practical […]

Now that Microsoft is Shutting Sunrise

I have been a big fan of Sunrise but there was always a danger when it was taken over by Microsoft that they would eventually shut it down and that is now on the cards. I really like the way that Sunrise allows me to see in my calendar information other than my diary entries such […]

Can you have too much cloud storage as Microsoft offers unlimited space?

Recently Microsoft announced that everyone with an Office 365 subscription would be granted unlimited storage on OneDrive, their Dropbox and Google Drive competitor. If it doesn’t seem long ago that they bumped up the storage from 15gb to 1tb then it’s not, because that announcement was made just last June. On the face of it this […]

Internet Explorer (the joke)

My son sent me this today: Internet Explorer users at risk from major bug “All four users have been informed” a source said. I thought that it was a joke until I subsequently saw this. (Obviously it is a joke but the problem clearly isn’t). While IE usage is not as high as it once […]

Microsoft Office for iPad

Now here’s a funny thing. I have deleted my iWork apps from my iPad and replaced then with their Microsoft Office equivalents. More than that I am also considering an Office 365 subscription just so that I can edit Office docs on the go. Why on earth would I do that? Quite simply because Office […]

Microsoft Accelerator – Demo Day

So the big day finally arrived and it was back once again to Canary Wharf for the Microsoft Accelerator Demo Day. Even though the event didn’t kick off until mid-afternoon we were there early in order to go through the pitches once again with all the teams going through their pitches twice. This was not […]