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I have mentioned a few times before my love of Moleskine notebooks and even though for the most part I have gone paperless with a combination of my iPad and Evernote I still cannot do without my Moleskine notebooks.

However, that’s not to say that they are perfect. For example I might want to be able to keep a pen with the notebook, a not unreasonable request. In the past I used a bit of tape stuck to the inside back cover with a loop to hold a pen but that was a pain to move between notebooks and didn’t look terribly professional in business meetings.

Enter Quiver the leather pen holders for Moleskine (and other notebooks too, if you insist!). The Quiver pen holders come in two configurations: a strap that slips over the top of the notebook (or iPad – I have my iPen in mine.) that has a pocket that allows you to slide in one or two pens (see image above). The other configuration is a holder that sees the pen held against the spine of the notebook (see below). I have mine in a rather fetching black leather with red stitching but black and brown leather combinations are also available.

Quiver Spine Pen Holder

The holders are all beautifully made and look the business. In all cases they hold the pens well and are easy to get in and out. In the case of the slip over pen holder you obviously need to remove it before you can open the notebook. In order to facilitate this at the back of the strap the ends of the leather are joined together by a short piece of elastic allowing it to be stretched. This allows it to be easily taken on and off. If you are going to use it with a soft cover notebook then Quiver recommends that you also use an adaptor which is basically a thin strip of plastic that gives the strap some rigidity and stops the notebook from bending.

For the spine pen holder this has to be slipped over the front and back cover of the notebook, an easy operation, and it then stays in place while you are using the notebook. In practice this does add bulk to the notebook when writing as you have the leather flap that holds the pen to try and get to lie flat. This can at times be a little awkward to use but I have learnt to adjust. Also I find this an acceptable trade off to actually having somewhere to store my pen!

As I have said repeatedly I love my Moleskine notebooks and these Quiver pen holders are a fine addition to them. In fact I like them so much that I have three, which is probably more than I have pens!

One final point. The people over at Quiver have been great – when I inadvertently ordered the wrong sized adaptor for the holder they picked this up and corrected it, letting me know by email just in case it had been deliberate. In this world of automation I was impressed that someone was paying attention, even if it wasn’t me!

You can get your Quiver pen holders here and can see more pictures in the set below.

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