Sainsbury’s Does Great Moleskine Copy

imageIf you have been a regular reader of this site you will know that I am a BIG fan of the Moleskine notebooks and always have one close at hand. However, their biggest and probably their only issue, is that they are expensive. When the exchange rate was more favourable I used to stock up on my trips to the US but that is no longer cost effective and so I am faced with a £10 bill each time I need a new book.

Enter Sainsburys who have started to stock what can only be described as a Moleskine clone. Physically, it is identical in almost every detail – right down to the expanding pocket in the back cover. Where it differs significantly is in the price. The Sainsbury equivalent A6 notebook is priced at £2.99 a massive saving.

My concern was that the difference in price would be reflected in a similar drop in quality but that turned out not to be the case. The Sainsbury notebook is well made and feel similarly durable. The cover is slightly softer than the original but other than that it is fine.

The paper is recycled (a bonus) and whiter than the Moleskine and the final test that it had to pass (for me at any rate) was the ink pen test. Some papers do not work well with ink pens and the ink bleeds but that was not a problem at all.

So, in conclusion, other than being a brand snob, is there any reason not to buy this? Nope.

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