I’m all of a Quiver

I have mentioned a few times before my love of Moleskine notebooks and even though for the most part I have gone paperless with a combination of my iPad and Evernote I still cannot do without my Moleskine notebooks.

However, that’s not to say that they are perfect. For example I might want to be able to keep a pen with the notebook, a not unreasonable request. In the past I used a bit of tape stuck to the inside back cover with a loop to hold a pen but that was a pain to move between notebooks and didn’t … Read the rest

Moleskine Addiction

If my addiction to electronic gadgets is bad then my addiction to Moleskine notebooks is much, much worse. Despite being able to take notes in Evernote I still like the feel of paper and Moleskines look and feel great. What’s more they do a load of really great limited editions as you can see from the latest release, this Lego branded version that has a brick top embedded onto the cover. Neat!… Read the rest

Sainsbury’s Does Great Moleskine Copy

imageIf you have been a regular reader of this site you will know that I am a BIG fan of the Moleskine notebooks and always have one close at hand. However, their biggest and probably their only issue, is that they are expensive. When the exchange rate was more favourable I used to stock up on my trips to the US but that is no longer cost effective and so I am faced with a £10 bill each time I need a new book.

Enter Sainsburys who have started to stock what can only be described as a Moleskine clone. … Read the rest


Img004_2048x1536In what must be one of the greatest acts of egotistical self-indulgence a couple of weeks ago I ordered a TweetNotebook.

For those that aren’t familiar with it the TweetNotebook is a notebook with a random selection of your tweets printed at the bottom of each page and with your Twitter icon printed on the front along with a customisable quote. A selection of pictures of mine are left and below.

Well mine arrived this morning and I have to say it is just fantastic and much better than I expected it to be. Why? Well for a start … Read the rest