What I Don’t “Like” About Facebook Marketing

It seems quite popular at present for companies to ask me to “Like” their page on Facebook. In some cases you are asked to do this in order to receive something, maybe an entry to a competition or perhaps a free download. Sometimes I will purchase an item and when the order confirmation email arrives it will have a line asking me to “like” the company or product. Either way this makes me pretty uneasy.

I have no issue with exchanging my details in return for something but what I don’t want is to have some sort of implied endorsement by my doing so. If I like the product that I have bought from you then I might “like” you, but certainly not before I have received it and have time to love it.

The problem is with the word “like” which the dictionary tells me means “to be fond of” and quite frankly some of the things I am asked to “like” I simply don’t – my clicking the link doesn’t mean that I “like” you , it simply means that I fancy winning a holiday in some exotic location fully paid.

So I think that it is about time that Facebook changed it phraseology and “Like” became “Follow” which seems to be to be a much more accurate description of what you are being asked to do. Of course that won’t happen as that word is now too associated with Facebook to be changed but I still don’t “Like” it.

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