What I Don’t “Like” About Facebook Marketing

It seems quite popular at present for companies to ask me to “Like” their page on Facebook. In some cases you are asked to do this in order to receive something, maybe an entry to a competition or perhaps a free download. Sometimes I will purchase an item and when the order confirmation email arrives it will have a line asking me to “like” the company or product. Either way this makes me pretty uneasy.

I have no issue with exchanging my details in return for something but what I don’t want is to have some sort of implied endorsement … Read the rest

My Space? Your Space More Like

Really interesting article in the FT yesterday about the rise and fall of MySpace drawing a (contrasting) comparison to the current web sensation Facebook.

I have to admit that while I really struggled with the point of Facebook but I have never got MySpace. Not at all. Ever. 

Potentially I can see Facebook being a real drain on peoples time (you need Responsinet to deal with that). I find the mindless games and quizzes that appear to be a waste of space and I still fail to see the business benefit but least people have stopped poking me. That said … Read the rest

You Have to be up Early to be a Neil Thompson

Yellow PagesIf you are called “Ernest Bumblebee” you will never suffer from the problem I have – namely that there are simply lots of me. This was highlighted just recently when Neil Thompson was appointed by the UK government to oversee cyber crime. Another prominent Neil Thompson is Microsoft’s “Senior Regional Director, Northern Europe, Entertainment & Devices Division”. So, basically, he gets to play with XBoxes all day.

I have written about the other me a couple of times before (here and here) and for Thompsons it is a real issue as there are so many of us. … Read the rest