ZumoDrive for iPhone

IMG_0003I have spoken about ZumoDrive a couple of times already (here and here) but that has always been about the desktop app. Now there is an iPhone/iPod Touch client available that allows access when you don’t have you desktop/laptop access.

Zumodrive bills itself as a way of having additional storage available on devices that are traditionally limited, such as Netbooks. I guess that is true providing you have a deep enough wallet to be able to afford the storage – it wouldn’t take long to pay for a portable harddrive for example. However, that would be missing some of its other advantages such as the hybrid storage model, the seamless way it integrates into the operating system and now access from the iPhone/iPod Touch.

You will need a Zumodrive account but there is a free option. As you can see from the pictures below that once installed the application allows you to work through your directories and files. Clicking a file will open it if a viewer is available and photos are handled particularly well. Office documents are opened and you can scroll through but cannot search which is a bit of a bind for longer texts.

The application works well but, of course, you cannot view files when you are offline, so there is no prospect of looking at documents on the plane for example. If you need offline access consider Air Sharing.

Currently the application is free but, like some many in the app store, this is for a limited period before it becomes $4.99 so download it today.


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