Errors with Google Docs Offline

image While doing some research for my post on Google Docs’ drawing feature I tried to enable the offline feature, something that had worked perfectly on my previous laptop. The process got right through to the very end before displaying the following error message:

“An error occurred while updating software.Failed to update software for the applications”

I re-tried a few times and even gave it a go on Internet Explorer rather than Firefox to see if that resolved the issue but with no luck. So in the end I did a search of the web see if anyone else had the problem and if there was a solution. It seems that there are many people with the same issue. Eventually I found the solution in this post.

The problem, it seems, is that the Google Docs offline capability does not work with UK English. If you go into settings and set your language to English (US) and then reset offline access it all works fine. Not sure why this should be as the offline access is working fine in UK English in both mail and calendar. 

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