Zumodrive and Windows Live Writer

imageI have been using Windows Live Writer for blogging for quite a while now and really prefer it to the online interface provided by WordPress. Of course one of WLW’s strengths is that you can work on posts off line ready for posting when it is appropriate. In my case I have scraps of posts waiting for me to finish them off and post them.

Another thing that I need to be able to do is work on posts on both my home machine and my laptop. This implies being able to synchronise between both machines – something that I previously achieved with FolderShare but since Microsoft have mucked around with it no longer seems to be the option it once was. The other “problem” with WLW is that you do not seem to be able to put the folder that the drafts are held in where you want – it is fixed.

Given that the excellent ZumoDrive is now my cloud storage weapon of choice I wanted to be able to make use of that area to share the draft WLW posts between my machines. Then I stumbled upon the following post that allows you to store WLW’s Posts on a network share or anywhere you want. This uses a little Microsoft utility, Junction, that allows you to “fool” Windows that a folder is where it thinks it should be after you have moved it. Basically you are creating a pointer to the new location.

It works incredibly well with ZumoDrive. Following the instructions on both machines I am able to make changes on both and see them reflected on the other – perfect!

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