image I have always been more of a magazine than book reader but these days there is only one magazine that I read on a regular basis and that is WIRED. It covers technology issues in an engaging and interesting way. All the articles are readable whether they are about green issues, gadgets or films.

For the last few years I have been picking up copies either when I have been stateside or from WH Smiths. Problem is that it is an expensive read costing about £4.50. I have toyed with subscribing but while it would cost only $10 if I live in the US it is $70 to deliver to the UK. I really should have done it when the rate was 2:1 which would have been a bargain but I didn’t.

Therefore I was pleased to see a WIRED sampler fall out of today’s copy of the Times announcing that the mag is to be launched as a UK edition from 2nd April. My only hope is that it is true to the US version. Time will tell.

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