Mobile Madness

image Until very recently I had a mobile phone provided by the company that I worked for. When I left I reverted back to a personal phone I had with a t-mobile u-fix deal. Unfortunately this is a pay-as-you-go/contract hybrid and quickly proved to be costly as I was toping up every few days, No problem I thought, I will move on to a contract.

A call to t-mobile quickly showed that was going to be more difficult than I expected. If I wanted to move onto a contract from PAYG I would need to extend my existing u-fix contract by a further six months – something I was unwilling to do.

No problem, I thought, I would pay to close off my existing contract and move onto a new SIM only, 30-day rolling contract with t-mobile keeping my existing number. This caused much debate at the call centre as I was passed from Andy to Kelly to Dan. At first being told that this would be possible before being told that it wasn’t.

So, I said, “what you are telling me is that even though I am willing to pay to get out of my existing contract and move onto a new one you are not able to deal with this?” and the answer came back “we don’t want to lose you as a customer but what you are asking for is not possible.”

So I got my PAC code and moved to O2. Of course I could have got my PAC code, put the phone down to t-mobile and then gone onto their website and bought a new deal providing my PAC code as part of the process but I’m not wedded to t-mobile and I could see trouble ahead as they tried to port my number.

I will review my options again in the summer if and when a new iPhone is available.

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