One Billion Errors

image So Apple are running a competition at the moment to celebrate them (almost) reaching a billion downloads from the App Store. All you need do is download an application to be entered into a prize draw that would see you winning a $10,000 iTunes cards amongst other things.

For those that don’t have a compatible device (and for legal reasons I suspect) Apple have provided a page on their website where you can enter for free without downloading an app.

Being too lazy to go and get my Touch from the other room this is the route I chose to take. After entering all my details, including inside leg measurement, I pressed the submit button and was presented with the rather unhelpful message below.

I have no idea if my submission was successful or whether this a ploy on Apples part to keep the number of entries down but if you want to give it a go and see if you can get a better response you can enter here. Just be quick as it won’t taken them long to reach that billion mark.


4 comments on “One Billion Errors

  1. Must…resist…thinking….its….conspiracy….

    Heh, of course Apple wouldn’t be putting this little bug in there on purpose to force people to download from their appstore? They wouldn’t do that would they….would they?

  2. Ahhh..digging deeper…

    ORA-12899: value too large for column “JINGLE”.”MZ_BILLION_APP_ENTRY”.”ZIP” (actual: 7, maximum: 5)

    They’ve coded the ZipCode for maximum of 5 characters. Great coding there Apple 😉

    Don’t know about other countries, but UK is 7 characters.

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