PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Twelve Project

The final project and this one feels a little bit Christmasy. Making use of the led light strip from the last box we opened yesterday I have created a slightly extended video showing not only the project itself but also a longer and silent(ish) demo at the end.

Take a look at the video below:

That’s it for 2022 and the very enjoyable PiHut Maker Advent Calendar. Would I do it again in 2023? Certainly I would providing the componts were going to be different which might be hard to achieve. What I will do is look to make use … Read the rest

PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Twelve

I seem to have got my days wrong and am posting this a day early but who cares! It’s nearly Christmas and you want to see what’s in the last box don’t you?

Where here it is the last opening video which the thumbnail conveniently gives away what’s in the contents. Take a look anyway as it’s pretty cool.

Day twelve included the following:

  • 1x Custom 50cm WS2812 RGB LED strip with jumper wire ends

That’s the last box done and just the final project to go. I have greatly enjoyed both the box itself, which contained some well thought out contents, … Read the rest

PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Eleven Project

SPOILER ALERT! I have never been so disappointed during this opening of the PiHut Maker Advent Calendar when I couldn’t get the OLED screen to work.

Watch the very quick video below and then read on for more thoughts.

I have no idea why this didn’t work. I tried several things to try and coax it in to life stripping it right back to basics. The project includes a switch and the potentiometer but I removed all that just to try and get the screen to work. However, no matter what I did I just always ended up with this … Read the rest

PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Eleven

Here we go with the penultimate box. I’d wondered all along whether the boxes would include this as a component. What is it? Have a look at the video below and then read the rest underneath.

A neat little OLED display which I can imagine using for displaying the current temperature using the sensor from the day eight box. Tomorrow I will run up the project and see how well it performs.

Day eleven included the following:

  • 1x Mini OLED display with pre-soldered headers
  • 4x jumper wires
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PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Ten Project

Getting perilously close to the end of the advent set now with just a couple more boxes to open. Meanwhile we have the day ten project to savour. This one makes of the infrared beam sensors that were in yesterday’s box.

Watch today’s video to see it all hangs together:

As I say i the video these IR sensors have to be reasonably close together which means the projects that they can be used in are limited. You couldn’t use them to detect when someone walks through a hallway, for example. However, they do give you an idea of what … Read the rest

PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Ten

Another box opening where I didn’t know what it was when it was sat in my hand. Watch the video below and see if you recognise what it is. Answer below (and, actually, in the video).

Day ten included the following:

  • 1x Custom IR break beam sensors with jumper wire ends
  • 1x 10k resistor
  • 4x Jumper wires
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PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Nine Project

Another day, another project to dip in to. In day nine’s box was a ball tilt switch which, as the name implies, has a ball bearing in it that when rolled to the botton completes the circuit sending a notification to the Pico. You can imagine using this in a number of scenarios such as detecting when an object has been lifted.

Watch today’s video to see how it works:

This one was incredibly simple to wire up and in use which is what we like.… Read the rest

PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Eight Project

Time for another quick look at the project using the components I was so excited about yesterday – the temperature sensor. As I said I’ve considered getting a weather station so this might help put my own together.

Watch today’s video to see how it works:

The sensor showed the temperature in the room to be about 22 degrees. I suspect that this is reading a bit high and so I need to calibrate it in some way (if that’s even possible) or at least validate the readings. However, it is close enough for now.

Thinking more longer term there … Read the rest

PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Eight

I was genuinely excited when I opened the box and saw what today’s component was as I can see me making much use of it. Take a look at the video to see what it is that has got me so excited (even if I don’t sound it!) and no, it’s not more jumper cables!

I have been looking recently at possibly asking Santa for a weather station but now maybe I can save myself some cash by building my own!

Day eight included the following:

  • 1x Custom waterproof temperature sensor with jumper wire ends
  • 1x 4.7k resistor
  • 3x jumper
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