PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Eight Project

Time for another quick look at the project using the components I was so excited about yesterday – the temperature sensor. As I said I’ve considered getting a weather station so this might help put my own together.

Watch today’s video to see how it works:

The sensor showed the temperature in the room to be about 22 degrees. I suspect that this is reading a bit high and so I need to calibrate it in some way (if that’s even possible) or at least validate the readings. However, it is close enough for now.

Thinking more longer term there are a couple of questions that need to be answered that I am not sure will be by the time all the draws are open:

  1. how do you move from a wobbly breadboard to something more permanent?
  2. How do you run code without having the Pico teathered to a laptop running Thonny?

This will require some further investigation at a later date but for now I continue to enjoy the process and am building up my hardware knowledge for future projects.

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