PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Twelve

I seem to have got my days wrong and am posting this a day early but who cares! It’s nearly Christmas and you want to see what’s in the last box don’t you?

Where here it is the last opening video which the thumbnail conveniently gives away what’s in the contents. Take a look anyway as it’s pretty cool.

Day twelve included the following:

  • 1x Custom 50cm WS2812 RGB LED strip with jumper wire ends

That’s the last box done and just the final project to go. I have greatly enjoyed both the box itself, which contained some well thought out contents, and the projects that went with those components. To date there have been only two days when I couldn’t get the projects to work but I am going to revisit both of these in the new year to see if I can get them working.

I have some outstanding questions which I will also investigate in the new year. Principal of these is just how you go from something obviously temporary to something permanent. When I know I will post here.

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