PiHut’s Maker Advent Calendar – Day Three Project

I sat down last night to work my way through the project that makes use of the components in the day three box. The previous day’s project took the first two boxes, set up the Pico and then flashed the included three LEDs in sequence. This worked like a dream.

The day three project is to extend the main breadboard out onto the mini board to which you add three push buttons to turn on and off the LEDs. This did not work like a dream.

You can watch the video below for a short discussion on this on read on for more.

One thing that has been fantastic is the quality of the instructions that accompany each day from the calendar. Each page is peppered with diagrams and descriptions to help you get both a understanding of hardware and software and to make the most of the components.

What is an issue though is what happens when things don’t go to plan or the instructions and today things did not go to plan. As you will have seen if you’ve watched the video is that I could only make one of the three buttons work. When nothing pressed nothing happened. I have checked the wiring again and again and swapped components round to make sure they are ok but nothing I do can make it work.

The question is what now? Well the first thing is to sleep on it. Things always seem to present themselves after a good nights sleep. The next thing might be to post a comment on the comments section at the end of the project page. I have no idea whether this will yield anything but it is probably the best way forward at this stage.

As it happens, in this case, I can move forward to day four as unlike day two to three the buttons are not carried over so I can still make progress. It is, however, frustrating as it’s impossible to tell if you are the problem or what you have been provided. I’m going with it being me… for now!

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