Why I Dropped Edit for Notes on iOS

So, this is me…

I wrote recently about dropping Drafts for the Edit app on iOS. In this post I said, and I quote:

Edit is a universal app (do we still use that phrase?) and the only feature I would like is sharing of text between the iPhone and the iPad otherwise I am set.

Of course there is already an app that does just that and what’s more it also syncs to the Mac as well. So what is this app? It’s Apple’s own Notes app of course!

I’m not sure why I missed this but, in my defence, when I first started on iOS/OSX Notes wasn’t what it is today and so I had hidden it away. In fact on my iPad it wasn’t even installed.

However, it is now reinstalled and I am now effectively using it as a scratchpad for simple text notes, just as I did with Drafts (and Edit).

Oh, and did I mention that Notes is free?

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