Kablecard – The Swiss Army Utility Card for Charging on the go!

Kickstarter has been a bit hit and miss for me but occasionally it does turn up a real gem and Kablecard is one of those.

I have to say that when I saw the video and spec list (multi-head charging! sim tool! kick stand! back light! memory storage! credit card sized!) it did seem a bit unbelievable and I wondered if it was a scam. But no, I did end up with one and it really can do all the things that it claimed.

Inside the Kablecard

Included inside a quite thin case is a main cable which is USB-C at both ends. You can then change the tips of the cable with the included micro-USB, lightning and USB-A heads. As you will see from the video below this allows you to do things such as connect the USB-A and lightning heads and attach it to a battery to charge your iPhone. 

Tucked away to the side is also a microSD card slot which means you can whack a card in there and then connect it to you laptop for a bit of external storage. This might save you having to carry both the card and a USB stick but then who does that these days?

As you can see in the video it all works well but is a bit fiddly. My only gripe is the back plate is pretty thin and the hinge at the top only opens to the angle to allow it to work as a stand. This isn’t immediately obvious and would be possible to snap it off if you didn’t know.

However, all in all, it is a good addition to the kit bag and easy enough to slip into the pocket along with the AirPods ensuring you always have the right cable with you.

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