Google’s Motion Stills

Google have a good track record of bringing to iOS unique apps that aren’t available on Android. They recently released a simple little app called Motion Stills which takes Apple live photos and turns them into forever looping gifs. And it works really well.

On opening the app you are shown your photostream with a looping preview of each image. Tapping on the image allows you to make some very small changes such as turning on/off the sound and, crucially, the image stabilisation. It is the latter option that is most impressive. Live Photos actually last longer than you might imagine and certainly longer than I can hold a phone still for so you can end up with some really wobbly pictures. Image stabilisation sorts that without any input from you.

Take a look at the two images below showing before and after image stabilisation.

Original Image with No Stablisation

Original Image with No Stablisation

Image from Motion Stills with Stablisation

Image from Motion Stills with Stabilisation

If you look at the ground in the left hand image it moves all over the place but in the second, right hand, image it is rock steady. It’s a great trick that works very well.

This is what Apple should have done.

You can download Google’s Motion Stills – Create with Live Photos here.



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