Google’s Motion Stills

Google have a good track record of bringing to iOS unique apps that aren’t available on Android. They recently released a simple little app called Motion Stills which takes Apple live photos and turns them into forever looping gifs. And it works really well. On opening the app you are shown your photostream with a […]

Google Cardboard. VR – the Future or Passing Novelty?

A friend of mine turned up recently with a Google Cardboard a, well, cardboard phone holder that allows you to watch virtual reality content. I was interested to have a go but skeptical as to the longer term possibilities of the technology. As you can see from the picture above the box has a place […]

Is Google Keep a Keeper?

So Google have released a new product roughly one week after axing a raft of others including Google Reader, much to the angst of the general tech public. Google Keep is a note taking application allowing you to keep important information in your drive for searching and reviewing at a later date. It is similar in […]

A Google Sized Problem

As of June 2012 Gmail has 425 million active users. That’s seven times the population of the UK and one and a half times the population of the US, so it’s a pretty sizeable number of people. I am an active user, the rest of my household are users, as is my mother-in-law. This gives […]

Google Chrome on iOS

So my favourite browser has finally made it on to my favourite mobile operating system as last night Google Chrome for iOS was released. I have downloaded it onto both my iPad and iPhone and I’ve been immediately impressed with just how much it looks like its desktop siblings, which shouldn’t be a great surprise, […]

April Fools

Google has really pulled out all the stops for April 1st this year – you can see all of them here but my personal favourite is Chrome Multitask Mode – it looks so useful! However, the best of the lot today has got to be a reworking of the family favourite Hungry Hippos for iPad. […]

Top tech of 2010

Last year, for the first time, I produced a list of my top tech for 2009. I thought that it would be interesting to do the same in 2010 to see how things have changed, if at all. So this is the technology that I used day-in, day-out in 2010 and could not do without. […]

Google goes Bing!

When Bing launched the most striking think about it was its look with backdrops made of some stunning pictures. Google suddenly seemed very plain in comparison. Now Google has struck back even allowing you to use your own pictures as the backdrop and the results can be similarly stunning – providing you have the picture to use. […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Google has release a number of interesting and useful updates over the last few days and removed (or planned to) remove a big one. Firstly the good stuff. Gmail now allows you to drag and drop files to be attached – a real time saver. You simply drag the file over the attachment area and […]