Is Google Keep a Keeper?


So Google have released a new product roughly one week after axing a raft of others including Google Reader, much to the angst of the general tech public.

Google Keep is a note taking application allowing you to keep important information in your drive for searching and reviewing at a later date.

It is similar in thought to Evernote but without any of the usefulness of it. As it says in the image above Google Keep is just a bit too simplistic right now. All you can do is create a note with a title and some text content and change the colour of the header. You can add pictures (although not through drag and drop as you can on Gmail) but they get oddly resized to fill the available space. And that’s about it.

No doubt Google will improve the service over time but I for one will be sticking (and paying) for Evernote? Why? Because about four years ago Google had a very similar service called Google Notebook which I thought was fantastic and then they closed it down and I moved to Evernote. Given how casual Google have been shutting Reader I think that I will give this one a miss.


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