Say Hello to Evernote Hello

I really like Evernote I really do. It is probably one of only a handful of apps that I use every single day without fail. But I just don’t get their new app Evernote Hello. I think this quote from a ReadWriteWeb article sums it up:

It’s completely awkward for any social encounter where you’re meeting two or more new people at the same time.

I just cannot imagine saying to someone “do you know I am really likely to forget who you are so do you mind if I take your picture?”. That’s going to kill the conversation right there. Maybe that’s a British thing but I suspect not. However, I do like ReadWriteWeb’s ideas for contact management in Evernote.

I want to love Evernote Hello, I really do but right now I just can’t. And just don’t go me started on photographing my food!