The Content of this Post May be Inaccurate

As part of my love of all things tech I subscribe to and read a lot of technology blogs and there are some exceptional ones on the web. The problem is that there are an awful lot of blogs chasing the same information and sometimes information is in short supply. This in turn leads to the publishing of some pretty questionable posts.

Nowhere is this more evident than around mythical products and, in particular, those that Apple may or may not be releasing. Apple’s products are so in demand that there is a huge market for information on the next great release be it the iPhone 6S or the iPad 7 inch.

So you end up with stories such as this one on Boy Genius Report yesterday “Next-gen iPad may feature double the battery capacity of iPad 2” quoting “anonymous” sources. Of course the most important word in all of this is “MAY”. Yes, it may include a bigger battery but then again it might also include a teasmade.

I understand why these reports get run – there’s a blog post to fill after all and people are clamouring for news but they are just vapourware that serve no purpose other than to drag a few readers towards their blog – and successfully too, as I read it!

I would like to propose a moritorium on reporting on anything that is not backup by a direct quote from the company in question until a month before the likely due date, which has to have been confirmed by a direct quote from the company in question.

In the meantime I am off to write an article on the new teasmade feature that may appear in the iPad 3.

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