iPhone Tripod Adaptor

Everyone’s talking about iphonography – taking pictures with your iphone rather than a standard camera. As the now well worn phrase goes “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You”.

The iPhone camera is pretty good for a phone, particularly on the 4S, and it is always in my pocket so available in a way that my “other” camera isn’t. That said there are times when I just want to do things other than point and shoot and that is where this little gadget comes in.

It’s serves two purposes as you can see from the pictures below. Firstly it has a slot on the top into which you can place your iPhone and on the bottom is a standard tripod thread allowing it to be attached to pretty much any tripod. The second role is as a simple iPhone stand. A groove in the base allows you to slot in the iPhone in a couple of ways. However, I am not convinced by this as the angles seem wrong to me.

My major concern was how well the iPhone would remain in the groove but it seems pretty secure, although I don’t think I would try using it upside down! Other than that it’s a great piece of kit, get yours here.

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