iPad Backing up – please wait.

Is your iPad taking forever to backup? Mine is. After several aborted attempts I finally got a full backup done taking a massive three hours and that was after I had deleted off some large apps. Three hours for a device that is less than half full.

Feeling that there had to be a solution to this once again took me to the net and I quickly discovered that I was not the only one with an issue, but nobody had an answer. There is, however, what I consider to be a workaround and that is turning off backups altogether. BackOffallows you to turn off iTunes backups which certainly speeds up the syncing process but is only any good if you also do manual backups on a regular basis (or are willing to lose the contents of your device in the event of a failure).

So for now I am doing a backup when I can and using BackOff at other times. Not terribly satisfactory but you never know there may be a solution coming from Apple. This is one they can’t resolve with a free bumper.

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