Now This is Getting Ridiculous

iPad BackupI wrote a while back about the stupid amount of time my iPad backup was taking and moaned that it had taken a ridiculous three hours. My solution to this was to use BackOff to disable the automatic backups during sync. However, this means that if there is ever a problem you cannot do a restore so it is important to do the occasional backup, which is what I did yesterday afternoon and now, some, 16 hours later is still only 75% of the way through!

Let me repeat that…

My iPad backup is going to take a massive 21 hours to complete. Yes, TWENTY ONE HOURS! To put this into perspective my 32GB iPhone takes about 10-15 minutes to backup and that is full. My 64GB iPad, which is only two thirds full, takes some 84 times longer – I just don’t understand it.

I am really looking forward to iOS4 for my iPad with all its folders and multi-tasking but Apple really need to get this iPad back-up sorted and soon. Come on Steve sort this out. I want my iPad back!

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