Killing an App in iOS4

Oh there are so many problems with iOS4 but I won’t repeat them here but my biggest problem with it (after the horrendous battery life) is the multitasking. In particular the way that now when you close down an app it goes to the background. This is fine for the most part but for some apps they continue to process (yes I know that’s what multitasking means but not in Apples universe.) An app that is sent to the background saves its state and sleeps. So i have a radio app that when you close it down it continues to play. In certain circumstances this is great but what about when you want to close it completely? It seems that you have to go into the tray, hold down the app until they “wobble” (that’s a technical term) and then close the app. What a palaver.

Apparently the official recommended way is to:

^Hold down the power until you see the slide to power off screen. Release the power button and hold down the home button until the apps quits”

I have tried this and it takes ages but it does work.

So why don’t I dump iOS4? Well I am seriously considering it and am just trying to decide if the folders functionality and wallpapers are enough to warrant sticking with it.

Or perhaps Apple will issue a fix? Nah.

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