Killing an App in iOS4

Oh there are so many problems with iOS4 but I won’t repeat them here but my biggest problem with it (after the horrendous battery life) is the multitasking. In particular the way that now when you close down an app it goes to the background. This is fine for the most part but for some apps they continue to process (yes I know that’s what multitasking means but not in Apples universe.) An app that is sent to the background saves its state and sleeps. So i have a radio app that when you close it down it continues … Read the rest

Call that Multi-tasking?

iOS4 Strip

Maybe it’s me but I just don’t get iOS4’s “multi-tasking”. Multi-tasking is supposed to be a time saver not a confusing pain in the arse.

With the introduction of iOS4 you get (limited) support for apps running in the background. Correction! You get support for certain features running in the background, such as streaming music or uploading a file. For anything else the app is put into suspended animation. These apps are put into, well what can only be described as a system tray. Double clicking the home button now brings up a display of all your running apps.

After … Read the rest

iOS4, We Have a Problem

iOS4Last Monday, like many others, I sat in front of iTunes repeatedly pressing the check for updates button willing iOS4 to be available so I could upgrade my iPhone. Unlike many others it went very smoothly for me taking hardly any time at all to backup the device and then carry out the install. In fact the slowest part was the download itself.

As you can see from the screenshot left one of the first things I did was to change the wallpaper. I then had a play with the folders and a general explore of the more obvious new … Read the rest