iOS4, We Have a Problem

iOS4Last Monday, like many others, I sat in front of iTunes repeatedly pressing the check for updates button willing iOS4 to be available so I could upgrade my iPhone. Unlike many others it went very smoothly for me taking hardly any time at all to backup the device and then carry out the install. In fact the slowest part was the download itself.

As you can see from the screenshot left one of the first things I did was to change the wallpaper. I then had a play with the folders and a general explore of the more obvious new features.

Next day I was out of the office for the day up in London. These days are always a challenge to the battery and it needed a boost during the day to ensure I got a full days usage out of it. Since then I have been back to my “normal” usage pattern and the most striking thing is the speed with which the battery is now being depleted. I used to comfortably get a days usage. Now I am noticing that I am getting low battery warnings before the day is out and I am not the only one.

There are a number of suggestions on the forums about what to turn off to help the situation (3G, wifi, notifications) but it seems to me that if I turn all those things off I won’t have a smartphone and I might as well go back to my trusty Nokia 6310i. The alternative is to carry a battery pack or maybe I should just keep it switched off – that’ll sort it, right?

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