Adobe Whinge

Friends think that I keep this blog simply to have an outlet for all my complaints against the world at large. That’s simply not the case, that’s only partly it’s use. Then again, when I see things such as this it does begin to make my blood boil.

I upgraded to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader this week and during the installation process I was presented with the following screen.

One of the questions asked was “Please select a language for the Licence Agreement” and there was a dropdown which had helpfully been set to a default of “English (US)”. Well I don’t speak American English so I thought I would select my mother tongue and get my colors in colour. Of course I knew it would be doomed to failure but not quite in the way I had imagined.

I knew that British English would not be one of the options, it rarely is, but what I hadn’t expected was for there to be NO options other than “English (US)”! What is the point of having a dropdown encouraging you to select a different option and then not providing any options?

OK whinge over.

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