I love WordPress!

I had need to set up a blog for Jim the other day. Previously I have always used Greymatter but I knew that what was needed was something with simple picture upload and Greymatter didn’t fit the bill. So I did a search on Google and quickly identified that WordPress was likely to fit the bill. That was the easy part out of the way, next was to get it installed and up and running. What I had not banked on was it being so quick. Once I had set the parameters in the configuration file correctly I was up and running within five minutes. wow!

I was so impressed that I decided to see if whether it was possible to convert my Greymatter sites to WordPress and quickly discovered that it is delivered with a dedicated Greymatter converter.  I read on the forums that there were problems with this not making a very good job of the conversion but what did I have to lose? I could always stick to what I had. But, as luck would have it, the conversion worked first time and required little tidying up. The most difficult part was getting the template sorted. I am still not happy with it but it will do for now.

By this point I was so excited that I converted my work blog too! I have installed the mobile plug-in on both sites and really wish I had moved over long ago.

I only wish I could work out how to limit the number of months shown on the sidebar – any ideas?