Adware Away

Sorting out a friends computer last night that had become infected with the very annoying CpvfeedPopup spyware I tried all sorts of tricks to try and get it cleared. I find that a combination of Spybot and Adaware are usually sufficient to deal with most things. In this case neither of them could manage it. So searching the net I came across Adware Away which claimed to remove CpvfeedPopup or you got your money back. Seeing as it was only £16 it seemed like a no lose situation. Anyway it is not really for the beginner as it needs to be run in safe mode and I know very few casual users who know how to put Windows into safe mode. However, the good news is that I won’t be asking for my money back as it cleared it quickly and effectively.

So I recommend you take a look at Adware Away if you find yourself with a hard to remove piece of spyware. Also I recommend that you keep your teenage boys off your machine too, that’ll help!

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