PiHut Advent Calendar

When I was a lad my advent calendar was a bit of carboard with a Christmas scene printed on it with numbered doors that folded back to reveal a Christmas image. There was no chocolate or other delight behind the door and this bit of cardboard religiously came out every Christmas.

How times have changed and now advent calendars are clearly big business. I don’t normally do advent calendars but when I saw this one advertised from the PiHut I thought that I would give it a go.

It arrived this morning and while I knew that it was going to be small I hadn’t reckoned on it being THAT small! It is nicely presented with each day getting a little draw to pull out and open.

While I know that there is a list of contents available on the PiHut website (SPOLIER alert) I’ve decided not to peak. What I have decided to do is blog each day as I open each box (and maybe do a little video too) and then some further posts of the project that it makes itself so keep an eye out for those starting December 1st.

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