Mouse support in iPadOS/iOS13 Public Beta 3

The latest beta version of iOS13/iPadOS was released yesterday evening and I gave it a quick test this morning to see how the mouse support was coming along.

I know form comments made elsewhere that mouse support is not for everyone and some don’t understand why it is even necessary. For me it is a useful tool for when working away from my desk as I find it speeds up my work and make it a more pleasant experience. I still don’t think I could ever use the iPad as a permanent desktop replacement but it is a lot more usable than it once was.

In the video below I am using this TeckNet Bluetooth Mouse which at £10 is a lot cheaper than some others that have been suggested online. Several have sung the praises of the Citrix X1 but at £95 that’s more than I would want to spend on a mouse!

So here’s a quick video looking at the improving mouse support in the latest released beta version of iOS13 on an iPad. What works and what does not…

Have you installed the beta on your device? How are you finding the mouse support?

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