Magnetic Clasp for Chain

This just about squeezes into technology as a gadget (well it’s is my blog so I can cover what I like!). Recently the clasp broke on a chain and I looked at replacing it with the usual hook kind but the local jewelers wanted to charge me £20 for the privilege. I politely declined feeling that I could get it cheaper elsewhere and do it myself.

While searching on eBay I found a company selling magnetic clasps so I gave that I go and was really impressed. The clasps use rare earth magnets and are incredibly strong but easy to pull apart when needed. As you can see from the clip below they really want to be together!

I bought mine from cleverclasp on ebay and it was really easy to fit. Best part (apart from the great fun of feeling them snap together) was that it only cost £3.60 so I won’t be going back to H Samuels.


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