WOXOM's SlingshotAt the end of last year a friend give me an early Christmas present in the form of a SlingShot.

As the picture left ably demonstrates the SlingShot is a device to hold your phone to aid stability. Hidden in the hand there is also a kickstand that additionally allows it to work as a mini tripod too.

As the name suggests SlingShot looks like a catapult but rather than firing your precious phone off into the distance it holds it securely. The SlingShot works with many phones due to its flexible design. It will even work if you have the Olloclip lens attached which was both a surprise and a relief as I use them so often.

For me the biggest feature is one that the manufacturers don’t seem to reference at all and that is security. Not in the sense that your phone is more secure from being stolen but that that you are much less likely to drop it.

One of my perennial fears is that I will drop my expensive phone while filming from the top of some tower. My iPhone is beautifully thin and sleek but in order not to have thumbs showing on any photo or video you have to hold it with the tips of your fingers and it always feels unsafe. The SlingShot solves that by giving you a nice big handle to hold and the cradle at the top holds the phone securely allowing you to take shots without fear, even when a some jaunty angle.

The video embedded below was pretty much all taken using the SlingShot and I found it to be pretty flexible in use – it is even pocketable (just about).

You can get yours from the Woxom website for $19.99 before postage.

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  1. What lovely friends you have to get such a nice gift. Seriously I can see how steady the video. After holding the camera for a minute my arm normally gets tired. Good review.


    Y of Newbury

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