An iPhone Remote Shutter? It’s a Snap!

For a while now it has been possible to take a picture with your iPhone using the volume controls on the phone and this also extends to the controls on the headphone mic too. But what if you need to be further away than the length of the headphone cable? Turns out that there is a cheap (under three quid) device for that.

This little two button widget works over bluetooth and emulates the keyboard for sending the command to trigger the camera shutter. It is incredibly simple to use in that you pair it with your device, start the … Read the rest


WOXOM's SlingshotAt the end of last year a friend give me an early Christmas present in the form of a SlingShot.

As the picture left ably demonstrates the SlingShot is a device to hold your phone to aid stability. Hidden in the hand there is also a kickstand that additionally allows it to work as a mini tripod too.

As the name suggests SlingShot looks like a catapult but rather than firing your precious phone off into the distance it holds it securely. The SlingShot works with many phones due to its flexible design. It will even work if you … Read the rest

iLapse iPhoneography

Occasionally I stumble upon an interesting iPhone app that I think is worthy of keeping. Today, as part of AppAdvice‘s daily Apps Gone Free feature, an app called iLapse caught my eye. This, as the name suggests, allows you to record time lapse videos on your iPhone. The options are pretty simple, choose how often you want an image to be captured from half a second to every 20 seconds and the output frame rate. Stick your iPhone on a tripod and, if you are going to be recoding for any length of time, put it on charge too … Read the rest