Google Analytics – the Videos!

Shopping online can be an absolute godsend but it can also be a complete pain in the arse. Google clearly recognises that’s a problem for many and that the issue is the user experience offered by so many websites.

How do I know that they understand the issues? Because they have produced a series of humorous videos that highlight a set of common issues on shopping websites and apply those issues to real world scenarios. The three videos are embedded below, my favourite being the checkout one.

What I found quite surprising about the videos is that they are clearly produced in the UK and the humour is particularly British, not sure how well that will translate.

While the videos highlight a number of very typical online shopping issues what they don’t do is offer up any instant solutions. They are designed to get you to try out Google Analytics and use it to optimise your site. While the videos might be successful if directing people to Analytics that’s only just the first step on a long journey to user happiness.

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