Hacked Off (again)

A dozen years ago, when the web was a very different beast to what it is today I, wrote a series of scripts in the language Perl what was a simple content management system (CMS) to run my websites. Those websites have run using those same scripts with little change over that time. Now I only have  two sites left on that infrastructure and after a hacking this week I have decided that it is finally time to retire the scripts and more the sites to WordPress. I am a bit sad to have to scrap my work but I don’t want to be spending the time hardening them against senseless attacks. Much better to let WordPress have the bother and providing I take sensible precautions I should be fine.

I still don’t get why people bother to hack my sites. Just what do they hope to gain? This week’s was particularly irritating as it was done for the glory of India which is the stupidest reason I have ever seen. “working for my motherland” I mean, what the fuck is that about? State sponsored hacking of hardly visited sites in the UK, I’m sure the Indian government must be so proud.

Since penning this email in draft yesterday I have already migrated one site off my scripts to WordPress and I hope to have the other done in the next week. So, you lazy motherfuckers, you have just seven days to exploit the hole in my scripts and after that it will become a whole lot more difficult.

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