Jailbroken iPad

Despite being the uber geek that I am for some reason I have always shied away from jailbreaking my iDevices. Partly it is because that despite some frustrations I have been happy with the standard functionality delivered by iOS and hadn’t felt the need to jailbreak it. However, of late I have become increasingly frustrated with the speed of my iPad 2 particularly when it come to web browsing which has always been tardy on my browsers of choice: iCab Mobile and Google Chrome.

So it was of immediate interest to me when I read that a new tweak had been released called Nitrous which allows the Nitro Javascript engine, currently only available to the Safari browser on iOS, to be available to all. This engine is much quicker than that available to all other browsers on iOS. The only issue was that it is only available to jailbroken devices. This made the decision for me.

So I jailbreaked my iPad and it was a lot easier than I expected it to be and as a bonus it didn’t toast (or brick for that matter) my iPad!

With this new found freedom I began to put right some of the things that I saw of deficiencies in iOS5.1 such as making Google Chrome the default browser rather than Safari. Another thing that has irritated me about iOS pretty much from day one is that it takes an inordinate amount of key presses to turn off, say, Bluetooth. So I added NCSettings which allows you to toggle wifi, bluetooth etc from the notifications centre (see the image above).

Having now done the deed I am wondering why I have waited so long. I am also wondering when I can find the time to also jailbreak my iPhone!

So what tweaks should I be adding to me jailbroken iDevices?