Forcing the Upgrade to iOS6

I have Bento, the Apple produced database app, on both my iMac and my iPad and it is pretty good for what I need – it’s no SQL Server but then it’s not intended for such heavy duty querying. I decided that it would be useful if to also have Bento on my iPhone so that I could update date a database that I often need access to and when I tried to purchase it the message to the left is what I saw.

I haven’t upgrade to iOS 6 yet for a couple of reasons: my iPad is jailbroken and I rely on a working maps application on my iPhone but I have noticed that a number of apps that I use are now iOS6 only and they are all from Apple.

Now it is certainly conceivable that the iMovie, iPhoto, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Bento apps all absolutely must have the latest version of the operating system in order to function but I really don’t buy that. This seems to me to be a way for Apple to force users to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of the OS and that’s a great shame as there can be many reason for not wanting to upgrade.

The previous versions of the apps continue to run on the older versions of the OS and so a nice touch would be to allow users to download these until they are ready to make the switch. It can’t hurt now can it?

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