The One Thing I Want From iOS 6

So Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference begins on Monday and as ever the blogsphere is all aglow with just exactly what will be announced. So far this seems to include a refresh of every MacBook and iMac model, iOS 6 and, of course, the long awaited TV which just has to be called iTV. Most of that leaves me cold for now but given I have both an iPhone and an iPad any improvements that are made to the operating system are going to have a pretty direct impact on me.

Lots of other blogs have been drawing up long lists of the changes that they would like to see made but for me there really only is one change that I would like to see and I think that there is about zero chance that Apple are going to add it. What I really want is the ability to be able to choose which apps are used as the default browser, mail client etc. Right now if I click on a link in an email Safari will open but I much prefer iCab Mobile and would like that to open instead. Similarly I use the excellent Sparrow mail app but any of the email functions within iOS will open the default mail client which I don’t even have set up! A small change for sure but one that would offer greater flexibility.

Why don’t I think that Apple will allow this change? Well because this is Apple and theirs is the only way and user choice has never been a particular priority for them. Of course many will point out that this way of operating hasn’t worked out too bad for them given the profit that they are making.

Who knows, maybe I will be surprised on Monday but if not maybe it is time to revisit jail breaking my devices.

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