Poundland iPhone/iPad Docking Station

I am a big fan of gadgets and gadgeting bargains and regularly frequent Poundland to satisfy my need for gadgets on a budget so I was interested to see this docking station on a visit today. Having parted with my hard earned pound I am beginning to see that sometime there is very much truth in the old adage that you get what you pay for!

On the face of it the docking station looked good with a standard male iPhone port at the front plus a pass through female port at the back, along with a standard 3.5mm jack for audio output it seemed well equipped even if, unsurprisingly, it was made of pretty cheap plastic.

The problems soon became apparent though.

First off I put my iPhone in the stand and plugged a standard iPhone cable into the back of the docking station and the other end of the cable into a Apple USB wall charger. I was, of course, expecting it to charge but no dice. Oh well maybe it would be useful just as an iPad stand. Nope. At this it was even laughably worse than as a charging stand. The weight of the iPad caused the stand to topple over backwards.

So my advice to you on this is to steer well clear of this item.

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